we bring a new light show experience


Offering to your attention Svetlitsa, the Light Performance Theatre. We are — young and ambitious team, introduce you to the new vision of the light performance. Every our performance is a bright light show with exquisite designer costumes, artistic light and modern choreography.

Svetlitsa — is, first of all, high-tech costumes. Only the best quality supplies is been used. Our technical engeneer developes unique electronics to create the best visual experience. Every costume can be programmed individually for every performance as well as online wireless control. Artistic light and music go syncronious and support the beauty of the dance.

The main direction of the Svetlitsa Theatre — staged dances and theatrical performances. We work hard on on each performance. Our choreographer has more than ten years experience of staging. Each performance has its own unique style and ideology.

After all, Svetlitsa Theatre — are professionals who love this project and live it. That is why working with us is smooth and comfortable.

Who we are

Yasmina Svetlitsa

(legal name Iuliia Kriuchkova) Architect, designer, choreographer, and director. Co-founder and director of Svetlitsa theatre

Eugene Svetlitsa

(legal name Evgenii Savushkin) Engineer-technologist, programmer, and inventor. Co-founder and director of Svetlitsa theatre