White captivity performance

It is not just a performance - it's a true fairy tale!

Kind snow creatures encounter a beautiful and haughty queen on their way. It seems that not only she, but her own soul is made up of ice crystals. But the creatures do not despair, because even the coldest ice can be melt by the goodness and light.

Unique special effects, experimental lighting techniques, mechanical and pneumatic design, cryo-effects, beauty and plasticity of the dance — all the best ideas of our project are reflected in this fantastic show!

We use elevator platform that raises the white queen to a height of 10 feet above the stage. And a queen's whole skirt is pneumatic.

  • All the costumes equipped with inflatable elemets
  • White Queen reises up to 3 meters high by a platform covered by an inflatable skirt
  • Lotus were designed according to our own designs, they are unique
  • we use programmable IC that gives us infinite ways to light, inflate, and cotrol costumes as well as decorations
  • we use unique self-made props
  • viewers involved
  • cryo effects

The fabulous cat has been serving its Queen for many hundreds years. Its job is to care her sleep in order to preserve her wonderful beauty and give a rest from the rule of the fairy kingdom. This time the cat found a great place — the most beautiful Lotus flower, which grew in her possessions. But there are uninvited guests - disturbing snow creatures. The cat tries to scare them away, but the creatures come back after a while. They, not noticing the flower bud in which the queen sleeps, dance and have fun. Because of noise, the Lotus flower opens.

Queen awakens from sleep. She is dazzlingly beautiful! Her every movement is perfect. She shines and impresses with her beauty. But good-natured snow creatures, in their own way, evaluate what is happening and find it a great idea to take a selfie with the Queen. This infuriates the Queen. She literally bursts with anger and she bewitches them. One creature manages to escape, and having gained courage, he saves his friends.

Even the coldest ice can be melted with goodness and light — snow creatures cheer the queen and make friends with her. As a result, the Queen is imbued with sympathy for her new friends and she goes down from the top of her greatness to them.

Finally, a interactive dance with the audience!