Thearrical performace

Duration 30 minutes. 5 actors

Note: This performance can be shown year-round! It can be displayed in the format of a street view, as well as in enclosed spaces (foyers, halls, terraces).
There are no age restrictions. For sure, our performance will not leave indifferent neither adults, nor children!

What might be as cute as a cat? Only a five cats that are so realistic and nice that you can hear even an inimitable purr (they actually have speakers). Funny, provocative, and most importantly, an interactive presentation in which cats dance, entertain the audience and even sing.

Cats are so sweet that everyone, without exception, adults and children from all directions, hasten to see this miracle more closely and take a picture with them for memory!



Пожалуй, самое веселое наше представление! Мы его делали очень быстро по спец заказу к зимним праздникам, но результат превзошел все ожидания! Технокот - так мы его назвали! Саунд дизайн всего спектакля - Ronni Wocnerg #svetlitsa #светлыелица #светлица #световоешоу #уличныйтеатр #streettheаtre #led #ledshow #lightshow #leddance #ledcostume #артистынапраздник #артистымосква #event #котонавты #технокот #белыйкот

Опубликовано Svetlitsa 17 марта 2017 г.