White Queen and Snowman

5 people are at the stage, performance duration — 25 minutes

It is not just a performance - it's a true fairy tale!

Kind snow creatures encounter a beautiful and haughty queen on their way. It seems that not only she, but her own soul is made up of ice crystals. But the creatures do not despair, because even the coldest ice can be melt by the goodness and light.

Unique special effects, experimental lighting techniques, mechanical and pneumatic design, cryo-effects, beauty and plasticity of the dance — all the best ideas of our project are reflected in this fantastic show!

We use elevator platform that raises the white queen to a height of 10 feet above the stage. And a queen's whole skirt is pneumatic.


White Queen and Snowman promo

Промо обновленного спектакля Белая Королева и Снеговик. В этом году на службу к Королеве поступил котик Коля, верный помощник в ее зловещих делах. Выражаем благодарность Яркие Люди за оказанное доверие выступить у стен Кремля с нашим спектаклем, и особо за теплую, домашнюю обстановку, организацию и помощь. А также, Алексею Меркулову за съемку и оперативный монтаж. #svetlitsa #светлыелица #светлица #световоешоу #уличныйтеатр #streettheаtre #световыекостюмы #led #ledshow #lightshow #leddance #ledcostume #артистынапраздник #артистымосква #event #белаякоролева #whitequeen #snowman #снеговик #новогоднийспектакль #новогоднеешоу #котонавты #путешествиеврождество2017 #brightpeople #яркиелюди

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White Queen performance promo

Who's a good girl?? Julia Svetlitsa has finally done a video from Путешествие в Рождество Sound by Ronni Wocnerg

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White Queen is freezing

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White Queen shooting Backstage

Yesterday night we were photo shooting our White Queen show with Snow costumes and our brand new inflatable Snowman Special thanks to: - студия АТО - Mekhtieva Julia - photograper Artemov Evgeniy - and, of course, our beautiful girls - Aleksandra Trosko, Ivanova Natalia, Kolosova Eugeniya, Gafarova Julia

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White Queen short promo

A White Queen short promo. Getting started to new show together with NSWE #white #queen #whitequeen #snow #show #motionblur #blur #multimedia #pneumatics

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