Sounds of Night

3 people are at the stage, performance duration — 25 minutes.

We tell the enchanting story for adults and children, we give a dream, a fantasy to plunge into the mysterious world of shadows, mystical transformations and sounds of the night. The play plunges into the fairy-tale atmosphere, where the action takes place between the three heroines, the former is always a single entity, but suddenly lost the power of unity and harmony. Tale of a perfect art form speaks of the eternal search for the meaning of life, the power of light and goodness.

The Sounds of Night street performance is a logical continuation of the ideas and philosophy embodied in the images of Origami. For the first time demonstrated a unique props - Origami Lanterns, Light Katanas and «The Magic Tree» decoration. There is an interactive part in the play — the viewer becomes part of the action. This show looks at one go by the viewers of all ages.


Sounds of Night performance promo

Theme by Kirill Pavlov Kirillvena

Posted by Svetlitsa on Friday, September 23, 2016
Origami promo

A short promo of Origami costumes

Posted by Svetlitsa on Sunday, August 4, 2013