Technical rider

  1. Stage — smooth, free from equipment (dimensions not less than 15 to 15 feet (4 to 4 meters), the ceiling height at least 15 feet (4 meters)
  2. General light specialist support
  3. Organize connection to audio input of mixing console (via jack connector 3.5 mm (1/8") or 2xRCA or XLR or HDMI)
  4. Optional: organize connection to video input of projector or video wall (via D-SUB(VGA) or HDMI, resolution 1920x1080) (sample video)
  5. Access to the place of performance 2 hours before the performance
  6. Remote-controlled smoke machine is welcomed
  7. In the case of performing at the same level with the audience (no stage), it is necessary to visually delineate the area for performances (example)

Hospitality rider

  1. Bright and spacious room with an area of 100 ft2 with air conditioner, and located in the same builing a smoke-free zone. It must be free from other artists and staff
  2. Changing room should be able to be locked
  3. Hangers, mirrors and chairs for all members of the team
  4. Several power outlets (110/220V)
  5. Bottled still water, tea/coffee, snacks
  6. Transfer from the airport/train station of arrival on a minibus that can accommodate four members of the band and all their luggage
  7. The hotel is not less than 3* with a serviceable electricity, water and heating. Number of rooms to be confirmed with the director of the collective
  8. Three meals a day, or replacement of the daily rate of $70 for each team member